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Thursday, November 08, 2018

Kubernetes Docs Updates, International Edition

Author: Zach Corleissen (Linux Foundation)

As a co-chair of SIG Docs, I’m excited to share that Kubernetes docs have a fully mature workflow for localization (l10n).

Abbreviations galore

L10n is an abbreviation for localization.

I18n is an abbreviation for internationalization.

I18n is what you do to make l10n easier. L10n is a fuller, more comprehensive process than translation (t9n).

Why localization matters

The goal of SIG Docs is to make Kubernetes easier to use for as many people as possible.

One year ago, we looked at whether it was possible to host the output of a Chinese team working independently to translate the Kubernetes docs. After many conversations (including experts on OpenStack l10n), much transformation, and renewed commitment to easier localization, we realized that open source documentation is, like open source software, an ongoing exercise at the edges of what’s possible.

Consolidating workflows, language labels, and team-level ownership may seem like simple improvements, but these features make l10n scalable for increasing numbers of l10n teams. While SIG Docs continues to iterate improvements, we’ve paid off a significant amount of technical debt and streamlined l10n in a single workflow. That’s great for the future as well as the present.

Consolidated workflow

Localization is now consolidated in the kubernetes/website repository. We’ve configured the Kubernetes CI/CD system, Prow, to handle automatic language label assignment as well as team-level PR review and approval.

Language labels

Prow automatically applies language labels based on file path. Thanks to SIG Docs contributor June Yi, folks can also manually assign language labels in pull request (PR) comments. For example, when left as a comment on an issue or PR, this command assigns the label language/ko (Korean).

/language ko

These repo labels let reviewers filter for PRs and issues by language. For example, you can now filter the k/website dashboard for PRs with Chinese content.

Team review

L10n teams can now review and approve their own PRs. For example, review and approval permissions for English are assigned in an OWNERS file in the top subfolder for English content.

Adding OWNERS files to subdirectories lets localization teams review and approve changes without requiring a rubber stamp approval from reviewers who may lack fluency.

What’s next

We’re looking forward to the doc sprint in Shanghai to serve as a resource for the Chinese l10n team.

We’re excited to continue supporting the Japanese and Korean l10n teams, who are making excellent progress.

If you’re interested in localizing Kubernetes for your own language or region, check out our guide to localizing Kubernetes docs and reach out to a SIG Docs chair for support.

Get involved with SIG Docs

If you’re interested in Kubernetes documentation, come to a SIG Docs weekly meeting, or join #sig-docs in Kubernetes Slack.


Kubernetes 2018 年北美贡献者峰会

作者: Bob Killen(密歇根大学) Sahdev Zala(IBM), Ihor Dvoretskyi(CNCF)

2018 年北美 Kubernetes 贡献者峰会将在西雅图 KubeCon + CloudNativeCon 会议之前举办,这将是迄今为止规模最大的一次盛会。 这是一个将新老贡献者聚集在一起,面对面交流和分享的活动;并为现有的贡献者提供一个机会,帮助塑造社区发展的未来。它为新的社区成员提供了一个学习、探索和实践贡献工作流程的良好空间。

与之前的贡献者峰会不同,本次活动为期两天,有一个更为轻松的行程安排,一般贡献者将于 12 月 9 日(周日)下午 5 点至 8 点在距离会议中心仅几步远的 Garage Lounge and Gaming Hall 举办峰会。在那里,贡献者也可以进行台球、保龄球等娱乐活动,而且还有各种食品和饮料。

接下来的一天,也就是 10 号星期一,有三个独立的会议你可以选择参与:


为期半天的研讨会旨在让新贡献者加入社区,并营造一个良好的 Kubernetes 社区工作环境。 请在开会期间保持在场,该讨论会不允许随意进出。


保留给那些积极参与项目开发的贡献者;目前的贡献者追踪包括讲座、研讨会、聚会、Unconferences 会议、指导委员会会议等等! 请留意 GitHub 中的时间表,因为内容经常更新。

Docs 冲刺:

SIG-Docs 将在活动日期临近的时候列出一个需要处理的问题和挑战列表。


要注册贡献者峰会,请参阅 Git Hub 上的活动详情注册部分。请注意报名正在审核中。 如果您选择了 “当前贡献者追踪”,而您却不是一个活跃的贡献者,您将被要求参加新贡献者研讨会,或者被要求进入候补名单。 成千上万的贡献者只有 300 个位置,我们需要确保正确的人被安排席位。

如果您有任何问题或疑虑,请随时通过 community@kubernetes.io 联系贡献者峰会组织团队。